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Bonaire at it’s best

We love Bonaire. And the best place to be on Bonaire is on the beach with friends and family enjoying great food and having a blast. It’s really the small things like that that we believe matter most.

Monique would love to prepare an amazing, home made, restaurant quality beach picnic for you which she will bring to the beach and pick up again after you finished eating. This way we guarantee an ecological way of enjoying great food on the beach so we won’t harm the island we love so dearly.

Monique is widely known as an advisor for multiple Michelin star restaurants in The Netherlands and an overall great comfort food cook on the island of Bonaire, exactly what you’ll be looking for during your stay.

We are the only ones on Bonaire who offer beach picnics, with great respect for the ingredients we use and for the environment we work in. We make sure each picnic is personally delivered and picked up to ensure no waste is left behind on our gorgeous shore.

What’s on the menu?

We take pride in using fresh and simple ingredients to make the perfect lunch or after-dive meal for you.

Cant wait to put your teeth in a nice home made sandwich on freshly baked bread?
Or do you fancy eating one of the best burgers on the island right at the pristine beach-es?

We offer both cold and hot lunch baskets and a magnificent after dive basket for after 4PM so you can enjoy the end of a wonderful day at the beach with friends and family.

Our goal is to maintain our clean beaches by offering food in a controlled manner. We only use sustainable ingredi-ents and products, deliver and pick up the baskets personally so that we ensure nothing gets left behind. We kindly ask you to please put all the exces food or trash back in the basket.

Choose your basket

Monique’s basket. Cold lunch

    • Iced water flavored with herbs
    • Cold non-alcoholic beverages
    • Home made sandwiches
    • Viarity of rich toppings like fresh tuna salad

Monique’s basket deluxe. Warm lunch

  • Enjoy a great home made hamburger or pizza together with a salad and some chicken wings.

    Also includes iced water, non-alcoholic beverages and homemade, freshly baked bread.

After-dive special basket. After 4 PM

  • Nothing will make your dive day complete like an amazing selection of tapas and lots of tasty comfort food.

    Pour some wine, have a beer and enjoy what the island has to offer to-gether with your friends.

    From $25

    Extra requests optional


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