VIP Boat Diving Expidition
Available from Q1 2021

A luxury scuba expedition with an unmistakable island vibe. We’ll take you to unmarked, pristine dive sites and finish it off with an exquisite sunset dinner and after dive champagne.
In collaboration with Ocean Oasis Beach Club Bonaire we will be offering this high-end
and ultra-exclusive expedition for private groups and VIP’s.

Pristine places
Bonaire is famous for its amazing shore diving opportunities, which are totally unique in the world. Almost every single dive site is easily accessible from the shore and only a short drive away. Boat diving on Bonaire often fails to provide value, since diving from a boat whilst being 30 meters off shore won’t provide any additional benefit to your experience.

This is where our expedition excels. We take you to rare, hidden and relatively unknown dive sites, sites with unmatched beauty in flora and fauna.

The expidition
we start the day in the afternoon, where you will be welcomed to Ocean Oasis Beach Club by our staff and offered a selection of fresh seasonal fruit and an apperative. Our staff will then take your bags and escort you to our boat, a custom 600hp Axopar 37 st, providing speed, fun, luxury and an amazing diving platform. Enroute to the dive site we regularly encounter flying fish, turtles and dolphins. At the dive site our dive masters will help you prepare your gear and make sure you’re every need is taken care of. We will brief and guide you around the amazing uncharted territories filled with some of the world’s most amazing underwater flora, fauna and exotic sea-life, including ‘tropical’ fish, turtles, sharks and lobsters. Once finished with the dive we will take care of your gear whilst you can choose to climb back on board for some after dive snacks or continue to snorkel with your guide. You can go for the optional second dive or enjoy an exclusive off-menu sunset dinner prepared by the amazing chefs of Ocean Oasis. When arriving back at the beach club we will put your gear back in your vehicle whilst you enjoy an after dive drink.

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