The luxury diving vacation of your dreams

Our neighbors Bonaire Vacation Villa’s and Flamingo Diving offer you a unique luxury diving experience.
Book a private course and go diving from your villa’s backyard or explore the island with the islands best dive guides.
Upgrade your experience specials like Ostracod bioluminescent night diving or an exiting expedition up north.

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Villa #1 – 4 bedrooms / 5 bathrooms
Starting: $570 per night

Villa #2 – 6 bedrooms / 7 bathrooms
Starting: $1030 per night

Villa #3 – 7 bedrooms / 8 bathrooms
Starting – $1285 per night

Luxury diving, redifined.

Bonaire Vacation Villa’s and Flamingo Diving are a match made in heaven for guests that only want the best. Let us guide you to the best dive sites, exclusive places and and take you on wonderous special events. All from the comfort of your own oceanfront villa.

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