At Flamingo Premium Diving we take all the nescessary precautions to deal with the current COVID-19 outbreak.
We understand that you might have questions about how this works with diving, a sport where often close contact is made with the instructor and student and where we use rental gear. This page is to clear up the most frequently asked questions about how we deal with COVID-19.


  • Is Bonaire safe for tourism?
    Luckily Bonaire has seen only a couple of COVID-19 cases and very few fatalities. New research shows that this might have something to do with the warm, humid climate, the near-constant wind and adequate ventilation. Nearly all of us spend most of our time outside of airconditioned spaces. Where airconditioning is required, like in super marktets, there is a maximum amount of people who may enter and a facemask advise. Since COVID-19 is primarily spread through micro-droplet aerosols, being outside this close to the equator provides a lot of natural protection from the virus.


  • What is Flamingo Diving doing to help limit the spread of the virus?
    Our PADI Master Instructor is trained and certified by PADI in their viral pathogen training and we’ve taken all the necesarry precautions to help limit the spread.
    – Desinfection sollution in the rinse tanks
    – Outdoor classroom
    – Desinfection gel
    – 100% natural ventilation
    – Maintaining the PADI standards for COVID-19 proof teaching.


  • What does Flamingo Premium Diving recommend?
    Next to the regular COVID-19 recommendations, we recommend you:
    – Don’t come to Bonaire when you have symptoms or if you’re not PCR tested 72 hours in advance.
    – Avoid airconditioning wherever possible or at least limit your potential exposure time.
    – Watch your health, supplement and get in shape


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We wish to welcome you soon in a safe and responsible manner. After all, there is no better way to socially distance than to go diving.

All the best,


Flamingo Premium Diving