Ostracod Night Dive

Immerse yourself in
an underwater universe

$ 65 Excl. Tanks and gear

Let us guide you on a once in a lifetime journey through the stars. We were there when the phenomenon got identified over a decade ago and have perfected the technique ever since.

Available Dates

Sometimes the moon phases, tides and sunsets are positioned just correctly so that other dates are also available. Always inquire when interested.

January 9
February 8
March 10
April 9
May 8
June 6
July 6
August 4
September 2
October 2
November 30
December 29

January 28
February 27
March 28
April 26
May 26
June 24
July 24
August 22
September 20
October 20
November 18
December 18

Will you snorkel or dive?

Only certified divers are allowed to dive

Ostracod night dive

Excl. gear/tanks

Group size
Max. 6

2 hours

Course location
Private house reef

$65 Excl. gear and tank

Ostracod night snorkel

Incl. snorkel gear

Group size
Max. 8

2 hours

Course location
Private house reef


What’s included?

Your Dive

A small group of amazing people

Enjoy diving in a small group of other passionate divers.

The best instructors

Our instructors are trained in-house by Master Instructor Fred Ooms with over 40 years of experience. Welcome to the family.

After dive snacks

Talk about your ostracod experience with the other divers whilst enjoying some hot snacks and our famous home made mustard piccalilli.