PADI Discover Scuba Diving

Float into a new world

$ 120 All incl.

Explore the reefs of Bonaire. Some essential theory, followed by safety skill instruction will prepare you for your first dive under close supervision of a pro. Say no to a pool, coral reefs only please!

Group size
Max 4

Course Duration
3-4 hours

Flamingo Diving

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The course

Get certified


Learn the basic principles of Scuba diving in a short but sweet theory session followed by a little exam to see if you understand the basics.

Confined open water

Experience what astronauts experience. Your instructor helps you maintain “neutral buoyancy” meaning complete weightlessness whilst exploring the reef.


During your Discover Scuba Diving experience you will explore the shallow water reefs of Bonaire and see famous Caribbean species.

Optional: Reef tour

After your DSD you can choose to extend your experience with the optional reef tour. Continuing down to the reef “drop off”, where you finish an entire dive alongside the coral filled wall of the reef.


If you successfully completed your course, we will officially register you with PADI and log your dive(s) including all the species you’ve encountered for you to take home.

Course add-ons

Make it your own. Let us know which you would like to add-on.

Reef Tour

DSD Extention

Learn to dive with Nitrox from day one, for a more comfortable anContinue your experience with a tour of the coral reef drop-off.d safer diving experience.

$85 after DSD

Double Guided Dive

Discounted after course

Continue diving in the days after your course with this pack of two guided dives to Bonaire’s finest reefs.

$190 incl. gear

What’s Included

Your course

Small or private classes

Round pegs don’t fit in square holes. We help you get certified in a comfortable environment of max 4 students.

High end gear

The latest generation of gear with integrated weight systems and Venturi equipped regulators provide the most comfortable diving experience.

The best instructors

Our instructors are trained in-house by Master Instructor Fred Ooms with over 40 years of experience. Welcome to the family.

Seasonal fruit selection

Refresh after the dive with our famous seasonal fruit selection, dutch treats and Rituals scented face towels.

Certification costs

No surprises,
All fee’s are included.