PADI Master Scuba Diver

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Go deeper, dive longer, reach further. PADI Specialty courses personalise your diving journey and allow you to combine your biggest passions in life with scuba diving.

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Flamingo Diving

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Our most popular specialties

Deep diver

$ 285 Theory Included

Discover what’s lurking in the depths. Join us in the deep diver course where you safely learn to dive to a maximum depth of 40m (130ft).

Duration: 2 days 9AM – 2PM
Max group size: 4 divers


$ 385 Incl DPV

Explore further and consume less energy. DPV’s (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) offer the chance to see a huge area, which would be impossible without a DPV. Also, it’s just the most fun you’ll ever have flying over the reefs at great speed.

Duration: 1 day
Max group size: 4 divers

Wreck diver

$ 285 Theory Included

Become a wreck diving expert. Within two jam packed days and 4 dives we teach you how to safely observe, judge and penetrate a wreck.

Duration: 2 days 9AM – 2PM
Max group size: 4 Dives

Night diver

$ 250 Theory Included

Discover the colours and elegant beauty of the reef at night. Learn how to dive at night without a guide. We teach you how to safely plan and lead your dive and special night diving techniques.

Duration: 2 Nights
Max group size: 4 divers

Full Face Mask

$ 150 Theory Included

During your Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Mask course you will learn about all procedures and benefits regarding Full Face Mask diving and get certified to dive with a variety of models.

Duration: 2 days – 4 dives
Max group size: 4 Divers