PADI Deep Diver

Descend into the
secrets of the depths

$ 285 Theory Included

Discover what’s lurking in the depths. Join us in the deep diver course where you safely learn to dive between 30m (100ft) and maximum 40m (130ft).

Group size
Max 4

Course Duration
2 Days – 4 dives

Flamingo Diving

What’s included?

Your course

Small or private classes

Round pegs don’t fit in square holes. We help you get certified in a comfortable environment of max 4 students.

Expert theory session

We teach you both the PADI Deep Diver curriculum as well as tips from personal deep diving experience.

The best instructors

Our instructors are trained in-house by Master Instructor Fred Ooms with over 40 years of experience. Welcome to the family.

Seasonal fruit selection

Refresh after the dive with our famous seasonal fruit selection, dutch treats and Rituals scented face towels.

Certification costs

No surprises