Dive into your trip
your dive vacation starts here.

 your dive vacation starts here.

Make the most of your dives by hiring an expert guide.

Or go and explore the reefs by yourself.

Guided Diving

Decades of expertise at your disposal. Make the most of every dive, we spend years seeking out exceptional creatures and finding the most beautiful dive sites. Enjoy a refreshing face towel and our signature selection of fresh seasonal fruits, and dutch treats after your dives.

Tank and high end
gear packages

Explore the island by yourself by renting a tank package and make travel easy and light by renting some brand new high end dive gear directly at the shop.


More guided dives

North Expedition
Day trip with lunch

$259 p.p. – min. 2 participants

Dive amongst the stars, Ostracod night dive

Uncover Bonaire’s wild side