5 Tips On How To Become PADI Certified On Bonaire

All on how to become a diver on Bonaire.


Bonaire is the ideal place to get PADI certified. But how does that actually work? In this list we give you the best tips so you know what to expect and what the process of getting certified on Bonaire looks like! Spoiler alert, it looks pretty good!

1. Choose your diveschool

There are many dive centers on Bonaire. Luckily Bonaire is small so most are located only a couple of minutes of driving away.

Flamingo Diving is a PADI Dive Center located oceanfront. The classes are never larger than 4 students, meaning you’ll always have personal attention. You can also opt for fully private instruction, even from your own vacation villa.

Flamingo Diving is located next to Ocean Oasis Beach Club. This is ideal, your travel companions can have a relaxing, cocktail filled beach day whilst you’re getting certified just next door.

The dive center is a family business. The owners, Monique and Fred have been in the diving industry for decades. Their goal was to make diving feel like vacation insteat of the clinical feeling they had experienced so many times around the world.

Next up on the list, choose your course!


2. PADI Open Water Diver Course – $359 p.p.

The PADI Open Water Diver course:
During this 3 to 4 day course you will learn to dive with a buddy, in clear open water, to a maximum depth of 60ft. You’ll be doing 5 confined open water classes and 4 open water classes. This means you won’t ever waste time diving in a pool, tropical fishes guaranteed from day 1!

Safe valuable vacation time by finishing your theory prior to arrival by completing PADI eLearning. This digital study environment lets you complete your theory and theoretical exam prior to your course. All you have to do on the island is a quiz to see if you still posess the knowledge.

Flamingo Diving also exclusively offers an upgrade to a fully private course. Even hosted from your own vacation villa. Starting at just $200.

More about the PADI Open Water Diver course

3. PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course – $120 p.p.

Alternatively, you can do the PADI Discover Scuba Diving course. This course is perfect for those that have never experienced diving before, and want to know if they’d like SCUBA diving before committing to a full lenght course. 

During this half day course you’ll learn the basics of SCUBA diving. After that you head into the water, do some safety excercises in very shallow water. After that you head out to the shallow part of the reef for a wonderful first diving experience. If you’re totally getting into it, you can choose to extend your experience that day by opting for the reef tour ($85). During which we’ll take you to the drop off of the reef under direct supervision of a pro. There you can see the healthy and abundant coral like you’ve only seen in movies.

When you’ve succesfuly completed the PADI DSD course and the reef tour you’ll get a certificate that allows you to do guided dives in the following two weeks. So maximum fun, minimal learning. Great for vacation!

4. Great Gear = Great Experience

When you stop by a dive shop, check the quality of  their gear.

A good experience starts with great gear. Check if the gear looks new, is stored neatly and isn’t covered in dried salt. Also see if the regulator doesn’t look beat up or sandy, yuck!

Flamingo Diving believes safety starts with maintenance. They not only service all their gear in-house but they also give you the tips and tricks to make sure your gear remains in perfect condition for years to come.

In summary, that means that the regulators and BCDs used by Flamingo Diving are properly maintained and state-of-the-art. But what does that matter?

Well, it quite simply means that their rental gear gives the best breathing experience of any rental gear out on the market, it’s even better than most folks their personal gear. Overkill? Maybe. But oh, so nice.

Also, the BCDs all have intergrated weight systems, so you don’t have to wear a uncomfortable weightbelt. Now thats what we call luxurious!

5. Diving After Your Course


The fun is just getting started after getting PADI Certified or after completing the DSD!

Just like getting your drivers license, now is the time to make some hours and have fun! Hire a local expert as dive guide or go explore Bonaire on your own.

Maybe you’ll be the next one spotting a whale shark on Bonaire! A whale shark, seriously, we’re not joking. Click here.

You never know what exciting stuff you’ll encounter. Discover the wonderful reefs of Bonaire, what are you waiting for?

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