Here’s How To Help Restore Coral on Bonaire

Learn how to grow and maintain corals with Bonaire Reef Renewal


Bonaire is known for its pristine and breathtaking coral reefs, but how can we keep it that way when coral reefs around the world are already suffering? In this article we’ll show you two ways on how you can help safe the reefs. Let us introduce you to the organised effort called Reef Renewal Bonaire.

What is reef renewal Bonaire?

Founded in 2012, The Reef Renewal project began with just two small nurseries, a few corals, and the local support of the Bonaire government and STINAPA. Today, Reef Reef Renewal Bonaire, with the help of 12 partner diveshops around the island and a dedicated team of volunteers,  has outplanted over 55,000 corals back to the reef.

Below we’ll lay out two ways in which  you can help based on the latest science and research.


1. The Discover Reef Renewal Dive

The Discover Reef Renewal Dive:

Want to dip your toes into Reef Renewal’s activities? If you want to learn more about coral restoration, but  don’t have time for the full Reef Renewal Diver distinctive specialty, then do the Discover Reef Renewal Dive!

The Discover Reef Renewal Dive experience is tailored to your needs so get ready to;

• Go over the techniques and tools we use in our coral nurseries
• Learn key skills that you’ll use during the nursery dive
• Have fun swimming around our restoration sites
• Hear about becoming a certified Reef Renewal Diver and joining our volunteer team.

The best part is, your participation in this course directly contributes to the betterment of Bonaire’s coral reefs. The dive is just $74 (excluding gear and tanks) and can be booked with as little as 2 participants!

Costs: $74 (excluding gear and tanks)

How to book this dive:

Fill out our contact form, don’t forget to tell us what you’d like to participate in and we’ll set up your Discover Reef Renewal Dive and all other packages you’ll need for your next dive trip.


2. The Reef Renewal Diver Distinctive Specialty Course

Become a Reef Renewal Diver and help us safe the reefs for future generations! This course is for you when you’re ready to use your diving to restore the reefs, and want to learn coral gardening techniques so you can help as a certified volunteer during your visits to Bonaire.

The PADI Reef Renewal Diver Distinctive Specialty is a fun way to contribute your time and effort to improve Bonaire’s reefs. Bring the science of reefs to life and do your part to rescue threatened and endangered ecosystems and species. Perfect for families, single divers, vacationers, school groups, and more!

During this 3-dive course you will:

•Get inspired during on-land interactive, hands-on lessons and skills practice
•Maintain the coral nurseries while honing your buoyancy
•Propagate new corals in the nurseries that will restore degraded reefs
•Outplant corals back into the reef, leaving a living, lasting mark on Bonaire’s reefs
•Become a member of RRFB’s volunteer ranks and join in volunteer dives throughout the year or whenever you return to Bonaire

Costs: $249 (+ certification costs $25) (excluding gear and tanks)

How to book this specialty:

Fill out our contact form by clicking the following link and don’t forget to tell us what you’d like to participate in. We’ll set up your PADI Reef Renewal Diver Distinctive Specialty Course and all other packages you’ll need for your next dive trip.

Learn more?

Check out the Reef Renewal Bonaire website for more information or go right ahead and book your dive or specialty course with us today!

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