WOW! Check Out This Whale Shark Encounter On Bonaire!

whale shark

A 30ft (10m) Whale Shark was spotted on Bonaire.

In April 2022, Flamingo Diving, a dive shop located in Bonaire, had an incredible encounter with a whale shark. The sighting was captured on video by the divemaster, Sam Ooms, who was leading a dive group when he spotted the whale shark.

Ooms stated that at first he thought he saw a group of fish in the corner of his eye. But as he turned his head around to look at them, he realised that what he thought were fish, were actually the white spots on a massive whale shark, the largest fish in the ocean. Excited by the sighting, he quickly grabbed his camera and began filming the encounter.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows the whale shark swimming gracefully through the water, surrounded by schools of fish. The divers can be heard laughing and freaking out in pure joy as they are marvelling at its size and beauty.

Whale sharks are known to visit the waters around Bonaire from time to time. They are gentle giants, feeding on plankton and small fish. Despite their size, they pose no threat to humans and are considered a unique and unlikely highlight of any dive trip to the island.

Flamingo Diving’s encounter with the whale shark in April 2022 was a rare and special moment for both the dive group and the divemaster who filmed it. It serves as a reminder of the incredible diversity of marine life that can be found in the waters around Bonaire and to always keep looking around you.

If you’re interested in watching the video of the whale shark encounter below. It’s a must-watch for anyone who loves marine life and wants to experience the wonder of these incredible creatures up close.

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So in conclusion

In conclusion, Flamingo Diving’s encounter with a whale shark in April 2022 is a testament to the rich biodiversity of the waters around Bonaire. Thanks to the quick thinking of the divemaster, Sam Ooms, we have a stunning video that captures the beauty and majesty of this incredible creature. If you’re planning a dive trip to Bonaire, keep an eye out for these gentle giants, who may just grace you with their presence.